The past weeks…and 3 new species!

It’s been a long time since my last update, so here is a quick summary.

After returning from the Maritimes, I spent a week out at one of the remote banding stations on Long Point (Lake Erie). Our main goal was to get the banding station ready for the upcoming fall banding season. We accomplished this, but due to the hot weather the banding was pretty quiet. Bird activity picked up on the morning that we had to leave, of course. Despite the low banding numbers we did encounter 90+ species over the course of the week, including a few OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHERS. # 362! Finally! At one point there were 2 individuals flycatching from some dead snags. Other birding highlights included 10 000 Purple Martins, and 90 000 Band Swallows that used the marsh to roost at night. It was spectacular.

On August 27 I finally came across some AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS on the sod farms near Hamilton, Ontario. # 363! I missed a Buff-breasted Sandpiper by a few minutes…of course. Possibly my biggest nemesis.

In other news, I have been temporarily running the banding operations at the Ruthven Park banding station (with the help of many fantastic volunteers) for the first week of September. I was rewarded with multiple YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHERS over the past few days…#364!

I will be heading out to Vancouver Island next week for some upcoming pelagic adventures. I hope to add a few more species of birds on the drive out, and several out on the open ocean. If all goes well I hope to break the 400 species mark in BC.

I will post some pictures from the past few weeks when I get the chance!

Stay tuned, it should be a very exciting few weeks…


About canadabigyear2013

I'm a lifelong birder and naturalist who is undertaking a Canada Big Year in 2013.
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