May birding has begun!

It has been a busy few days.

After my fantastic visit to Point Pelee, it has been much slower on the birding front in Haldimand-Norfolk.

May 1, 2013

Wednesday I spent banding at Ruthven. It was a pretty quiet day, but it was nice to see some of the local birds returning. New for the year included a flyover BOBOLINK and a singing BALTIMORE ORIOLE. In the next few days there should be several more local breeders trickling in.

A quick visit to Long Point in the evening was a good choice, as there were quite a few migrants about. I came upon 2 male HOODED WARBLERS, as well as a nice CAPE MAY WARBLER, a few LEAST FLYCATCHERS, and a WOOD THRUSH.


Photo: A stunning male Hooded Warbler.

 May 2, 2013

I got a late start to my birding, but I decided to head back down to Long Point Provincial Park. Activity was a little less than the previous day, but it was nice to hear (and see) a NORTHERN PARULA. Elsewhere in the park I saw my first VEERY for the year, as well as a nice MAGNOLIA WARBLER (thanks to the help of a few local birders who spotted it).


Photo: A nice Northern Parula singing away in a White Pine.

With the fantastic weather conditions, new birds are arriving every day/night. There aren’t overwhelming numbers of birds where I have been, but the diversity has been excellent. I am heading back to Ruthven tomorrow, so I hope to come across a few more new arrivals!




About canadabigyear2013

I'm a lifelong birder and naturalist who is undertaking a Canada Big Year in 2013.
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