February 10 – What a finish!

I’ve just made it to Canmore (Alberta), but I thought I should quickly update my last exciting day in BC.

On my way out of the city I decided to try one more time for the Brambling. I wandered down the alley and ran into the homeowner who has the feeder the bird has been frequenting, as well as another local birder (both very friendly and great to chat with). Immediately they pointed out where the bird was just seen, and within a minute I saw it up in a deciduous tree. I wandered back to my car to grab my camera, at which point it disappeared into “the bush”. Several other birders were now also present. We all waited about 30 minutes, at which point some people left. A few minutes later the bird reappeared on the feeder, and I was able to get a few identifiable shots. What a stunning little bird! BRAMBLING! A lifer for me.



I thought I would try for the Western Scrub Jay in New Westminster one more time. No luck.

I decided to hit the road and really start heading home to Ontario. The only highlight came in the form of a NORTHERN HAWK OWL that I had sitting up in a tree about 50 km or so south of Kamloops. I have only seen 2 other Northern Hawk Owls in Canada (both in Ontario), and 1 in Alaska, so I was thrilled to see another. It was quite far off, so the pictures aren’t too great!


I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring on my next leg home!



About canadabigyear2013

I'm a lifelong birder and naturalist who is undertaking a Canada Big Year in 2013.
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