January 20 & 21 – Back in Ontario


It’s been a long few days. After arriving on Cape Breton from the overnight ferry, my brother and I decided to head straight back to Ontario. I’m glad we did this, as I see a Fieldfare has just been reported near Deer Lake, Newfoundland. Of course, we drove by this area just days ago, so if I were to still be in Nova Scotia I likely would have hopped right back on the ferry! Oh well, that’s just how it goes…

It was a rather uneventful drive home. The weather was fairly nasty the whole way. Lot’s of snow, strong winds at times, and really cold. So, there was not much birding to be done. The only new bird that I added was for my Nova Scotia list, and that was 2 LONG-TAILED DUCKS near the ferry.

Today (after what was probably the best sleep in my life), I decided to check out a few local birds. I first headed to my farm where there are 2 EASTERN TUFTED TITMICE frequenting our feeder. My brother first reported them to me a few days ago, as he thought they were a new species for our property. They are, in fact, the second record. I had a single bird in the fall roughly 15 years ago. Hopefully they will stick around and breed, as they are a fun bird to watch.


Photo: The pair of Eastern Tufted Titmice at our feeder.

I headed off to visit some friends near Turkey Point in the afternoon, where within minutes I added two new species to my year list. They were 6 EVENING GROSBEAKS (1 male, 5 female), and 1 WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL.

After reading the Ontbirds report about a possible EURASIAN WIGEON reported near Selkirk, yesterday, I thought I would go try for it. I quickly found it in the exact location as reported yesterday. While not a year bird, it was my first for Haldimand County.  It was the culmination of a productive day of birding.

On a different note, my middle brother Adam is also a birder and is planning on spending the next 6 weeks in Panama. He is also going to try and blog when possible, so if you’re interested in a little tropical escape, you can follow his blog at www.adamtimpf.blogspot.ca . Since I am already going to be in Toronto I will likely head up to Algonquin tomorrow morning and work my way home, searching for some of the recently reported rarities.


About canadabigyear2013

I'm a lifelong birder and naturalist who is undertaking a Canada Big Year in 2013.
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