January 17 – More of the same

Today was much quieter on the birding front. I decided to drive south to Witless Bay to see if there were any birds in the sheltered waters. It was pretty quiet, with only a few Great Cormorants and Black Guillemots diving about.

We checked a few of the open water areas around town, but there was nothing different from yesterday. I tried to find the Pink-footed Goose for my brother, but we didn’t see it. We didn’t check Bowring Park very thoroughly, so I bet it is still around.


Photo: Me with the flock of ducks at Bowring Park. These ducks are intense. They are clearly used to handouts because as soon as you get out of your car they literally come running to you. Sometimes the Pink-footed Goose is in this mess too, but not today.

With few options for adding new species, I decided to try for the Brant that was reported up a Flatrock. I tried yesterday for it, but I had no luck. When we arrived we quickly found it close to the road, but just as I reached for the camera it took off and landed much farther out on the rocks with some gulls. Oh well, BRANT is #118! Only 382+ to go!

With daylight quickly fading we headed to Quidi Vidi Lake to check out the gulls. There were thousands just sitting and swimming. It was quite the sight. I have never seen so many Great Black-backed Gulls in one place, there were hundreds! While not new for the year, I did add a few provincial species. They were Glaucous and Lesser Black-backed Gull. Of course, there were also lot’s of Herring, Iceland, Black-headed and a single Ring-billed Gull.

We are going to start heading back to the opposite end of the island tomorrow, so it will be another day of driving. I plan to check a few places around town before we leave, so hopefully I can add a few more species to my Big Year!


About canadabigyear2013

I'm a lifelong birder and naturalist who is undertaking a Canada Big Year in 2013.
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One Response to January 17 – More of the same

  1. Mitch Levenhagen says:

    That place is crawling with ducks!!

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