January 10 – Niagara River birding

I spent part of the day checking the Niagara River/Niagara Falls for some new birds. The weather was really calm and nice, which made for unusually pleasant birding. Usually I am chilled to the bone while scanning the thousands of gulls.

It was pretty quiet bird wise. There was the usual mix of expected gull species. My highlight above the falls was an adult Iceland Gull sitting on some rocks near the barge. With not much happening I headed to Queenston.

Down at the river in Queenston I added my only new bird for the year. Out with the thousands of Bonaparte’s Gulls were at least 2 LITTLE GULLS (#102). There may have been more in the area.

I decided to cut my birding short after I had an unfortunate incident. While reaching down for my gloves I heard a rip sound. To my horror I tore a giant hole in my pants. Haha. My birding for the day was over!



Photos: One of the 3  Northern Mockingbirds that I saw in Haldimand County yesterday as well as a Great Blue Heron hanging out in one of the partially frozen creeks.


About canadabigyear2013

I'm a lifelong birder and naturalist who is undertaking a Canada Big Year in 2013.
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